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No matter how much information we provide, sometimes you still have questions. We hope you find this helpful. Check out our FAQs. If you don’t see the answer to your question, send us an email to [email protected]

  • What areas do you service
    • The majority of our events take place in Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan. However, we will travel outside of that area.
  • Is delivery included?
    • Delivery is based on location and mileage. We have a set price for each location, we will include in your quote.
  • How long are your rental periods?
    • The rental period is for eight hours, however you can add additional hours if needed.
  • How much does it cost to rent?
  • How many people does it hold?
    • There is seating for 8. Maximum capacity is 12.
  • Will it fit at my venue?
    • The trailer is 33 feet long tongue to tail. We do need quite a bit of room for it to fit. Also, we require a mostly level plot of land to sit it on, please no mud or hills!
  • Do you allow for customer pickup?
    • Due to the size and specific safety requirements of delivering the trailer we do not allow for customers to pickup the trailer. We want your day to be as low stress as possible and allowing us to provide delivery keeps everyone happy!
  • Is there a cleaning fee?
    • We do not charge any additional fees as long as you treat the suite as if it were yours and pick up after yourself. If the suite is above and beyond what is considered normal cleaning fees could be billed to you after the event.
  • How is the suite powered?
    • The suite can be plugged in directly to an outlet or we have a generator for rent if an outlet is not available.
  • How are you preventing the spread of Covid-19?
    • In order to keep you as healthy as possible this suite will be fully sanitized in preparation for delivery. There is also a wall mounted hand sanitizing station within the suite.
  • Do you provide refreshments in the mini fridge?
    • We are not able to provide champagne, (unfortunately) so we do not provide you with refreshments. However, you are free to bring whatever you food and drinks you like.
  • Do you provide hair and make-up stylists?
    • You are free to use your favorite local stylists for hair and make-up! If you need a list of local stylists we will be happy to provide you with our recommendations!
  • Is there enough lighting for hair and make-up?
    • Yes! There are LED can lights in the ceiling along with a chandelier over the lounge area, vanity lighting around the mirrors and three windows to allow natural light in. We also installed 5000k led light bulbs in all the fixtures to create a feeling of natural light throughout the suite.