About Hitched Suites: Who We Are and What We Do

If you’re a bride looking for a place to get ready on your big day, Hitched Suites can help! Or perhaps you’re a groom looking for a place to hang out with your groomsmen while your bride-to-be gets ready at your venue. Or maybe you just want a place to relax with your wedding party between events. No matter what you need, Hitched Suites is for you!

How Hitched Got Started

Hi, I’m Kelsey, the co-owner of Hitched Suites and the brains behind this blog. As our mobile beauty suite travels across Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, we often get asked how we started and the truth is that Hitched Suites was a passion project for me. I had been working in the event industry since 2014, and at my last job, I worked with a lot of beautiful, rural venues across the area. 

When the pandemic hit, all events were canceled and I was laid off, which gave me a lot of free time to think about my next steps. As I was thinking about the event industry and weddings, I realized that many of these beautiful venues—wineries, breweries, rural barns, and others—had no place for the bride and groom to get ready before the wedding. And while it is always an option to get ready at a hotel prior to the wedding, oftentimes these venues are 30-60 minutes away from the closest town. There had to be a better way.

I quickly realized that catering businesses had solved this problem and brainstormed with my husband Nick until we decided on what exists today. He has been extremely involved in the entire business, working closely with me to find the trailer, design the suite, help market the business, and of course, conduct drop-offs and pick-ups for our customers. In fact, he even came up with the clever name! 

What Hitched Can Do For You

Together, we custom designed the trailer, worked with the manufacturer to run the electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, and then designed the suite to turn it into what you see today. While it was designed with women in mind (peak at the lipstick wallpaper!) the mobile trailer can be used to get ready, to enjoy some downtimes between events, or as part of a bachelor or bachelorette party, among a variety of other uses cases.

No matter what you need for your wedding, Hitched Suites is available to help. We’re based in Mishawaka, Indiana and will travel to your venue so you can have the wedding (or event) of your dreams. To learn more about our rental options, contact us here and we’ll be in touch soon!